Our food safe cleaning products have been developed to meet world-class standards of food safety. They have been specially formulated to treat food areas within the best hygiene and sanitation practices.

Our H-range cleaners are Intertek and SANS-approved, and Halaal-certified.

Our food-safe cleaning products are formulated for the specific needs of the food industry, with:

  • Industrial-strength cleaners that surpass all requirements
  • Detergents and degreasers that can easily remove grease, and stubborn food stains from food-preparation equipment
  • Disinfecting cleaners that are suitable for most surfaces, have little to no effect on skin contact, and are suitable for use in all food-related industries.
  • Hand cleaners that remove dirt and grime from your hands, as well as removing unseen bacteria leaving them perfectly clean
  • Surface sanitizers that are suitable for wash basins and taps, mirrors and glass, baths and showers, floors and wall tiles, toilets and urinals, stainless steel, and ceramics
  • Hand Sanitizers that meet the highest safety standards – alcohol and non-alcohol based versions are available
  • Full range of food grade cleaning equipment to ensure HACCP protocols are followed through.
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