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At Blendwell Chemicals we manufacture a range of cleaning products that has been created specifically for food industry cleaning.

The H-range is suitable for use in the HACCP system and food safe. These cleaning products contain only those raw materials that will not contaminate food. They are Intertek or SABS approved and some are Greentag certified too. All food products are Halaal certified.

The cleaning products in this range include:

  • CIP cleaners,
  • floor cleaners,
  • hand cleaners,
  • general purpose cleaners,
  • industrial dishwashing cleaners,
  • disinfectants and sterilisers.

In fact, anything that comes into contact with food will be able to be cleaned by one of the cleaning products from our H-range.

We have also added some green cleaning products to our HACCP compliant cleaning range so you can be eco-friendly.

Our food safe cleaning products have been developed with the strictest technical parameters. We have made certain that if these cleaning products are used as recommended, then your food treatment areas will be cleaned with no microbe or bacteria surviving and no food being contaminated.

Within our Food Range, we have excellent general cleaners for the food industry. High grade, heavy-duty products that can be ideally used in milking machines and CIP systems.

  • Our degreaser is a powerful, industrial strength cleaner. It uses natural derived vegetable extracts and powerful surfactants to offer a solvent product with the health and safety considerations of a detergent.
  • Our detergents can easily remove grease, dried on food and stains from dishes, cutlery, glass, cooking utensils, pots, pans and food preparation equipment.
  • Our Disinfecting cleaners are suitable for most surfaces, it has little or no effect on skin contact and is suitable for use in all food related industries.
  • Our Hand Cleaners remove dirt and grime from your hands as well as leaving them smelling fresh and clean.
  • Our Surface Sanitisers are suitable wash basins and taps, mirrors and glass, baths and showers, floors and wall tiles, toilets and urinals, stainless steel and ceramics.

Our Green Statement

We are committed to reduce our environmental impact. ‘Going green’ is not just a company slogan but an opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution to the wellbeing of our planet and its people. Join us on our journey to find new ways to do things better.

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