Going green with eco-friendly cleaning chemicals is not just a company obligation, but an opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution to the wellbeing of our planet.

At Blendwell, we don’t only offer an eco-friendly line of products, it’s also our attitude to change the way people clean that contributes to going green. Our pledge to being green is a philosophy that underpins our business approach; we locally manufacture high-quality cleaning products that support the needs and sustainability of our community’s future.

Why Enviroblend?

Our commitment to reduce our environmental impact means that we offer efficient and new cleaning products for your business. Our Enviroblend products are bio-degradable and only contain ingredients which are made from renewable sources.  We are recognised by Global Green Tag, which means you can trust that our products meet international environmental standards.

Global Green Tag Certified 2017

Greentag logo for eco-friendly certification

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