How to become a Reseller

If you are looking to start your own business selling cleaning products, Blendwell Chemicals has a great range of cleaning products for you to sell. It is a good idea to start with a business plan. Most people start with wanting to sell everything to everyone but this is not a strategy that works. You will need to be specific. This will help you with your focus once you get going. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • who do you want to sell to? Households, businesses, schools, etc
  • what do you want to sell? Basic household and office cleaning products, industrial products for factories and workshops, specialised products for the food industry, eco-friendly cleaning products are some possibilities
  • where do you want to sell? It’s a good idea to have a clear area that you will target your clients in
  • can you sell to your potential clients in 5L, 25L, 200L or 1000L flowbins? Or do you need to consider repacking to make it more convenient to your clients? How will you do this?
  • If you are not close to our factory, how will you get your goods? We can help with arranging a courier if you are outside of Johannesburg but this will add an additional cost to your product. Make sure you add this cost to your pricing.

We offer discounts on orders over 500L. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in bulk buying. Click here to send us an email

Once you have done all your planning, our process to get started as a reseller is pretty simple.

1. Complete the customer information form that you can find here. Customer info sheet
2. Email completed form back to Blendwell chemicals. Please use the email address Our sales office will receive your form and load you onto our system.
3. View reseller pricelist that was sent to you from Blendwell chemicals. Add you own mark up to the pricelist to create your own prices. This will depend on many factors like how many competitors are in our market, what are your transport costs and how much are your clients willing to pay for your product offering.
5. Place your order at Blendwell chemicals via email and you can use this email address, or telephonically on 011 805 9940
6. Pay for the order via EFT or at our offices – we have credit card facilities and snap scan available.
7. You can collect the order at our factory ( Richards Park, 35 Richards Drive, Midrand) or we will deliver if you stay in the Gauteng area.
8. Delivery within 30km from our factory will be free of charge when the order is above R1000-00. We will charge R150.00 if the order is below R1000-00 extra for delivery within a 30km radius of our factory. We will charge R1.50 per km outside of a 30km radius of our factory. We do not deliver outside Gauteng.
9. We can assist with courier quotes if you reside outside of Gauteng.
10. You can only sell our Industrial range – (normal household range) under your own label. Click here for more information. You still need to send your label to us for final approval.
11. The Enviroblend and SABS approved chemicals range from Blendwell can’t be distributed under your own label. This range need to be sold with the approved Blendwell labels.

Blendwell chemicals offer the following value to potential reseller:
1. Free training on chemicals that was bought from Blendwell chemicals.
2. Provide Technical and Material Safety datasheets. Please request these when you order. Data sheets are available on the website.
3. Free Technical support on chemicals bought from Blendwell chemicals.

What is a Blendwell Distributor?

Blendwell Chemicals does sign exclusivity agreements with business partners. This option is only available to larger and established companies who are able to verify their credentials as leaders within their area. We do not offer this option in Gauteng. This is a process that will involve some confidential agreements between our two companies. To maintain this agreement, you will be required to make purchases of above a preset amount each month. If you are interested in this option we will need some paperwork to get the ball rolling and this will include: a tax clearance certificate, VAT registration certificate and company registration papers. We would also like to know if you have audited financial statements. Please email your enquiries to our email address