At Blendwell Chemicals we offer Private Label Manufacturing.

For the past 20 years, Blendwell Chemicals has supplied resellers as well as cleaning chemical wholesalers and contract cleaners with quality cleaning chemicals.
Since we started we have constantly adapted and improved our cleaning chemicals to meet market demands. This means that there are regularly new cleaning products added to our range.

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Our range of cleaning chemicals includes industrial chemicals, laundry washing chemicals, home and office cleaning products, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, all types of floor cleaning chemicals, food industry cleaning products, car cleaning products, disinfectants as well as cleaning accessories.

How does OWN LABEL manufacturing works for general cleaning products?

Option 1: Blendwell Template

We supply a template onto which you can add your own logo and company details:

These labels are purchased from our label supplier, he knows exactly what to do for you.

They are paid for by you, printed by our supplier and delivered to us.

You are able to purchase any minimum quantity of cleaning product and we will print the product information onto the label for you and label the product with your label.

We do not do label printing for any products that are not bought from us.

There is no extra charge for the service.

Option 2: Own label supply

This may be used for general cleaning products.

You submit your artwork to us for approval.

We will proof read your label and ensure the product information is accurate and correct. We sign this and send it back to you. We are not responsible for checking or proof reading your personal / company information.

You print your label and may then label your product with it.

Ensure you sign up with us as an own label client on our system.