Our disinfectants and sanitizers are registered with the NCRS and SABS. They are proven to be effective and we have test results from external laboratories to prove efficacy. We have food safe and eco-friendly disinfectants. Our products are made in an ISO9001:2015 factory.

The disinfectant range includes chlorine, anolyte, peracetic acid, alcohol and quartenary disinfectants. It is important to choose the correct disinfectant for your application.

For a disinfectant to be effective and kill the contaminants it is meant to kill, it is vital that product instructions are followed. Every disinfectant requires wet contact time to be effective – quite simply, they need time to work. A disinfectant can only work when in it’s usable form. It is has dried it is no longer working.

Another important factor is dilution. If a disinfectant is diluted too much, it may not be effective. If not diluted it may be harmful. This will be different for each disinfectant so please check the instructions of the disinfectants and sanitizers you choose.