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Home and Office Cleaning Catalogue

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Blendwell Chemicals has a large range of home and office cleaning chemicals. These cleaning products are ideal to suit home and office cleaning and are a great choice for contract cleaners and cleaning services. Blendwell Chemicals cleaning chemicals are ideal for professional use but can be used by anyone. Our cleaning products will have every surface of your home and office sparkling. We have floor cleaners, furniture cleaners, general purpose cleaners and products that leave your space smelling nice too.

We have some eco-friendly cleaning products in our home and office cleaning range that are GreenTag certified. GreenTag is an international certification for eco-friendliness. These green cleaning products are a fantastic choice for areas where people may be sensitive to traditional cleaning products. They are just as powerful as traditional products but they come with extra peace of mind.

Our products have been created to clean even the dirtiest office with no trouble at all so they will be able to clean your home easily too. We have cleaning products for carpets, vinyl and tiled floors and every kind of wall and countertop.
We also carry a range of cleaning accessories to work with our home and office cleaning chemicals so you will always be able to have all the right tools to do your cleaning.