Pit Toilet cleaner is an eco-friendly super powerful waste digester. It is safe to use around people, animals and will not effect the environment. This product is an enzyme that “eats” the waste in the latrine and that gets rid of the smell. If there is no smell, then there will be no flies too! It does not work with other chemicals – this is the only product you need to keep the level of your pit toilet low.

Pit Toilet

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Pit Toilet Cleaner is available in a 5L and 25L. Other chemicals in your pit toilet will make this product not work effectively so if you are going to use an enzyme product like this, do not use other chemicals – especially acid based products as they will kill the enzymes. The enzymes are designed to only “eat” the waste. They do not affect anything else. This will drop the level of waste and the smell will lessen. You will also see fewer flies around as the enzymes start to do their job.
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