Training Information

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We offer training on how to use our cleaning products most effectively. If you are offering a cleaning service or managing your own company’s cleaning, you will find our training sessions very helpful. The training we offer will help you understand how you can clean faster and more effectively.

We offer live and online training.

We offer sessions for different levels of personnel.

We offer a basics of cleaning course which explains cleaning terminology and how cleaning can be most effective.

Deep Cleaning Masterclass is a session for those who need to provide a once off deep clean to a space that may require deep cleaning once or twice a year. Deep cleaning involves some very specific cleaning processes that would not occur for day to day cleaning.

Food safe cleaning will help you understand how cleaning in a food space is different to normal cleaning. If you would like to sell cleaning products into this sector, this course is a must.

Fogging is a new course we have developed to help our clients provide the best possible cleaning services to their clients. This class covers machines to use, disinfectants to use and their dosages as well as necessary safety PPE required.

We can also offer you training for your cleaning staff. This will often be an individualised session that will suit your facility. Please get in touch for us to assist.