Enviro Disinfectant RTU

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Ready to Use Detergent–Disinfectant Cleaner

For use in fogging machines



Enviro Disinfectant RTU is a great choice for a disinfectant and cleaner in one. This product is ready to use and does not need to be diluted before use. Use in a spray bottle and wipe down the surface that requires cleaning and disinfecting. Or use in a fogging machine for all over disinfection. Enviro Disinfectant RTU is easy to use as there is no need to dilute. This is an eco-friendly product that is safe to use on almost every hard surface. It is will not cause harm to the environment.


  • Sterilizer and cleaner in one
  • Pleasant odour
  • Destroys bacteria effectively
  • Excellent storage life
  • Effectively kills fungi and mould
  • Biodegradable

How to use

Use Enviro Disinfectant Ready to Use for wide area cleaning and disinfecting. No need to dilute the product.

Recommendation: Pour in a spray bottle for easy spraying and wiping on surfaces or directly into a fogging machine.


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