170209_BLE_Enviro Enzyme D'Odour_Tag_v1_1Enviro enzyme d’odour is made up of a specific group of beneficial micro organisms that can break down organic material.  This is nature doing its own cleaning.


  • Rapidly digests a broad spectrum of organic waste
  • Waste begins to digest immediately on contract
  • Has the ability to rapidly multiply providing a scalable sanitizing effect
  • When waste is digested the microbes and enzymes are self-limiting and fully biodegrade
  • Possesses powerful anti-bacterial properties which remove many harmful pathogens
    such as E-coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Lysteria and Cholera.
  • Rapidly digests fats, oil & grease reducing volume in grease traps and the need to engage pump-out services.
  • Digest amines which are the compounds that attract many insects such as flies and cockroaches
  • Cleans
    drains of non-living organic matter and fat build up, preventing
    blockages and malodour ,thus reducing costs of plumbing call-outs
  • Does not mask or cover-up odours instead removes the molecules that are the cause of  a broad spectrum of malodours
  • Safe to use, non-corrosive and non-pathogenic
  • Safe for the environment- non-pollutant ,organic and contains renewable ingredients
  • Addresses OH&S issues by removing toxic chemicals and the need for hot water
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