Superdish H is a highly concentrated, heavy duty, cleaning chemical,
used as the detergent in all industrial automatic dishwashing machines.
It has been formulated to be used through a typical dosing unit
associated with this type of product. Due to its excellent low foaming
and fat busting abilities, this universal product can also be manually
used in any areas where such product properties are required. It is
suitable for all food related industries such as restaurants, canteens,
meat factories, bottle washing facilities, etc, and for hard stainless
steel surface cleaning. Best
used in conjunction with Rinse Aid H.

Advantages of Superdish H:

  • Highly alkaline
  • Low foaming
  • Improved cleaning and rinsing properties, especially useful for fatty and oily surfaces.
  • Biodegradable when diluted
  • Highly concentrated caustic based solution
  • SABS 1828
Data Sheet – Superdish H