Training: Laundry Cleaning

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1 hour 39 minutes

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Laundry Cleaning Training Session

This is a recording of our previous training sessions which you can watch at any time that suits you.

Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes

What we covered in this session: needs of different industries and solving their laundry problems. Whether laundry is
done in-house or through a commercial laundry, you will get answers to your laundry questions. We will cover the basics of laundry cleaning all the way through to trouble shooting for difficult fabrics including germ control, grease removal and fat/ blood management. We will look at different fabric types like bed linens, overalls, table linens, scrubs, towels, gowns, etc. Safety in a laundry: Fires are frequent problem in a laundry not maintained. We also discussed how to manage laundry in an environment where there are disease outbreaks.

PLEASE NOTE: This session does not cover the making of laundry cleaning products

The trainers of this sessions are:

Victor Toontas –  Vic is a true expert of laundry. He has worked in the laundry industry for over 30 years and has developed washing powders for several major retail suppliers as well as his own brand, Bio Classic. Vic started in commercial laundries for the hospitality industry and has since worked with all types of laundries in food, hospitality, spas and restaurants.

Judy Sunasky – has a passion for speciality cleaning products. Under her reign, Blendwell Chemicals grew to become a manufacturer of food and green cleaning products. Judy has always been dedicated to being eco-friendly and continually looks at ways we can clean with less impact on our planet.

Greg Plint has worked in the chemical industry for 20 years. The last 10 years, he has been focussed on cleaning chemicals. He has been involved in creating many training programmes to help clients do their cleaning better, cheaper and faster.