The WypAll X60 Brag Bag  has been specially designed as a lightweight, durable cloth designed to tackle a variety of light-duty wiping tasks. Leading the way in versatility, our goal is to support you in improving productivity and efficiency whilst reducing waste by delivering a clean, reliably consistent and reusable cloth. Advanced Hydroknit® technology ensures each cloth is lightweight yet absorbent, helping to reduce residue and allows versatile cleaning across a variety of tasks. Perfect for use in industrial manufacturing, the cloth is ideal for removing light oil, adhesives and debris and equally suitable for cleaning glass and gloss surfaces. Available in a flexible BRAG™ Box system, protecting the cloth from contact with dirt and grime and providing controlled single sheet dispensing – only touch the sheet you use – helps control usage, reduce waste and provide access to protected cloths. Portable and ideal for smaller work spaces. Individual sheet size 42.60cm (L) x 31.70cm (W). 1 BRAG box x 200 cloths, white (200 total)