Blendwell Chemicals has been manufacturing cleaning products since 1990. Over the years, we have honed our skills and acquired the best certifications. We are able to ensure consistent quality across our large product offering. Our factory is ISO9001:2014 certified and all of our processes are designed to follow specifications

Green Cleaning

We have been positioning ourselves as a specialty manufacturer. This has resulted in the development of our own range of green cleaning products. This range is called EnviroBlend and carries an international certification namely GreenTag. EnviroBlend is available as 5L and 25L as well as some products being available in a convenient 100ml sachet.  The EnviroBlend range has been designed to be able to clean households, offices and hotels alike. Some products in this range are really powerful and can stand up to the best industrial degreasers. Don’t think that environmentally friendly cleaning products mean reduced cleaning power – you will be mistaken!

Food Safe Products

We have also developed H-range which is our food safe cleaners. To help you with piece of mind, many products in this range are certified by Intertek and SABS. In addition, this range of products is HACCP compliant. An added benefit is that we can provide training and help with getting ready for your audit. The H-range is an ideal choice for pack houses, restaurants, food shops, coffee houses and takeaway shops.

Both EnviroBlend and H-range are certified as they packaged and labelled. If repacked or relabeled you will need your own certification if required.

Manufacturing services

We also offer a wide range of manufacturing services. We can help you with your own branded range of traditional cleaning products. As such, we are happy to pack our cleaning products into your containers or we can help you develop your own labels for our containers. If you are needing different sizes, we can help if you have wholesale quantities.

Other options include helping you with formulating a new product or manufacturing a product with your formulation. We are happy to sign any nondisclosure agreements where necessary and help you develop new cleaning products that you take to market.

Our strength is in our ability to manufacture great quality cleaning products that are always well-made and to a standard you can trust every time. We would love to partner with you in developing your cleaning product range. Please contact us on 011 805 9940 for more information