Wholesale Pricing

At Blendwell Chemicals we consider wholesale pricing to be orders over R15 000 (terms and conditions will apply). We cannot consider any orders under these amounts to given wholesale pricing. In the event that you order regularly on big enough quantities to allow for wholesale pricing and your next order does not reach the prescribed amount, we may revert you to website pricing. To become a wholesale customer, we will need to know a little more about your business. Please fill in the relevant form below.

We have found that there are different categories of wholesale customer:

Tenders: Your purchases are to supply a tender for a government organisation. Tenders require pricing allocations for about 3 years. For you to be able to submit your tender, you will need us to help you with additional paperwork like technical documents and “intent to supply” letters, to name a few. We charge a R1000 fee to ensure that our paperwork is timeously submitted. Please note that we will not always be able to supply all the items you require. We ask that you please send us your list of requirements to check for what we will be able to supply.

Wholesale: Your purchases are for your own in-house cleaning program, you are a contract cleaner and will easily use this amount or you are buying to resell to your own clients.

Please take a moment to consider which group you fall into and complete the form below.

Tenders Application

Please complete the form below if you are interested in us quoting for a tender for a governement organisation. We will contact you via email.

Wholesale Enquiry

Please this form if you are looking for a supplier of quality cleaning chemicals.